Learn French, Amsterdam


Chez-VlotFrans don't have ANY STANDAARD rates!

Rates depend on the following factors:

# your personal wishes

# the number of course participants

# the number of course hours.


Individual lessons

Private lessons / Group lessons

= 1,5 hours


Monthly packages

To achieve the desired results, structure and regular attendance is essential.Therefore, the monthly package is highly recommended.The more hours there are in your package, the lower the hourly price of the package.


Services qualify for exemption from VAT

Chez-vlotFrans is registered at the Dutch Register of Vocational Education.

(...) Vocational training is not defined for VAT purposes so it is taken to encompass any training given to a person, who can either be an employee or self employed, in order to improve their ability to carry out their work, or to obtain further employment. It can be provided in a classroom setting in an institution or on an employer’s premises, on a one to one or group basis. The trainees must achieve a recognisable standard of skill that will assist them in carrying out their work or duties.(...)



# All individual lessons and package lessons are billed and should be paid BEFOREHAND.

# Company location or client’s home (travel expenses: = € 0,19 per km.