'HOW TO SURVIVE THE FRENCH LANGUAGE?' offers courses that match your own interests and your goals. For companies a teambuilding program can be put together.


# Courses may start at any moment of the year.

# Courses can take place in the daytime of evening.

# Courses for all levels.

# Courses e-learning are also possible.

The level of students...

The level of students is determined by a written or / and oral test. Following this test, you can choose the course that suits your level.


During our first meeting...

During our first meeting the following questions will be asked:

  • Start Date:
  • Time:
  • Day(s):
  • Frequency:
  • Number of students:
  • Level French:
  • Type of program:
  • Materials:

Delf/Dalf- exam

You can also follow courses to prepare the DELF/DALF-exam.

Click here  for examples DELF / DALF (Audio).

European levels

Details about the European levels? Click european-language-levels-cefr.


# Compagny location

# Client's home

# E-learning

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