On this site you will find information about the courses Chez-VlotFrans.

Do you want to learn French in a simple, fast and easy way? Would you like to determine your OWN teaching programs?


French Courses

Chez-VlotFrans offers courses that match your own interests and your goals.

# Courses may start at any moment of the year.

# Courses can take place in the daytime of evening.

# Courses for all levels.

# Courses e-learning are also possible.


For companies a teambuilding program can be put together.


The level of students is determined by a written or / and oral test. Following this test, you can choose the course that suits your level.


Method Chez-VlotFrans:

# combines levels together

# is based on finding the rights item

# does not work with regular text-books only

# can be focused on terminology.


The course material is chosen according to your needs.


Since 2007 I teach French language to Dutch people as well as foreigners. I offer courses both for groups and individuals. I am a native French speaker.


Chez-VlotFrans don't have ANY STANDAARD rates!

Rates depend on the following factors:

# your personal wishes,

# the number of course participants

# the number of course hours.


If you want to know more about all the courses, please contact Florence Maugendre at

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