Florence Maugendre, French teacher/Docente Frans/Formatrice en langue française (Langue seconde/Langue étrangère)
Florence Maugendre

Since 2007...

Since 2007 I teach French language to foreigners. I offer courses both for groups and individuals. I am a native French speaker.


In 2013, after six years of working as a French teacher in a number of language institutes in the Netherlands, I decided to work as an independent teacher. Registered at the Dutch Register of Vocational Education.

The CRKBO is a Dutch regulatory organization that audits and certifies self-employed teachers who meet the CRKBO Quality-Code.


# teaching of the French language to foreigners.

# providing French courses

# implementing various pedagogical


# interactive teaching method / enliven the learning system

# creating / editing teaching materials

# conducting intake interviews

# reviewing homework

# conducting tests